"But it is as a Composer for Dance that he truly excels. Here he is freer to explore a more richly textured and structurally complex contribution to the choreographic images. He has composed many scores for a variety of Choreographers in a variety of styles showing great versatility in his compositions. And most importantly, he has an ability to "get inside" the expressive center of the choreography and to create musical imagery that, in turn, helps the audience to experience more deeply this expressive center. It is this intuitive ability that Mr. Gnanaratnam has that distinguishes him as a Composer for Dance."


 -James Payton, Dancer, Musician & former Soloist, Jose Limon Dance Company, NY- 1995


On the score for evening length work, GRAVITY GAMES:ANALOG BODIES SURFING A DIGITAL WORLD, Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis MN.




                                           - Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN- 2000


Work referenced in-


    "Making Music for Modern Dance: Collaboration in the formative years of a new American Art"-        


                                              - Book, Author, Katherine Teck - 2011 



On developing the "Open Source Dance" methodology -


    "What Open Source Dance provides, is unprecedented in Dance, and it is needed"


                                   -Dr. Julie Kerr-Berry, Dance Historian- 2008


" A thoughtful, wise and sincere Innovator, a Platonic Composer and Artist commanding a vast experience of making Music and thinking about Dance in its relation to Sound. He strikes me as a Horseman of the Divine"


         - Johannes Birringer, Artistic Director/Choreographer, DAP-Lab.  - 2016


 ".....his thinking reaches deeply into the vast potential of Sound and Movement possibilities- all the while mysterious and provocative. From Loie Fuller's Fluttering Skirts to Edison's Light and Sound Inventions, we have come a long way"


- Janet Mansfield Soares, Dance Scholar, 2020.


On his  comprehensive conclusions identifying a direction in Music specific to Dance-  


                                        "....and worthy of John Cage"


                                               - Katherine Teck, Dance Music Scholar, Author, 2019.