November.2015: THE GRISTLEIZER- Design/Build.

In the 70's, Chris Carter, of Throbbing Gristle, built a few of these Gristleizer Effects Processor's for the band. His circuit design was a modified version of the original design by Engineer Roy Gwinn. The Gristleizer was never commercialy produced and with Throbbing Gristle's place in Music history as pioneers of Industrial Music being established, The Gristleizer itself became quite legandery. Hence, when in 2009, Endangered Audio Research [EAR], authorized by Throbbing Gristle, re-produced the circuit design and made printed circuit boards for sale, I obtained one from EAR, sourced the necessary parts and built a Gristleizer, using a Dr.Who lunch box that I had, as the enclosure. Hence, The Dr. Who Gristleizer........ Glad to finally add The Gristleizer to my collection of Effects Processors.
- Manjunan Gnanaratnam.

Dr.Who Gristleizer

Build/Design details forthcoming......

55. Open. jpg
The Gristleizer
45.  All Pots:Switches:Jacks:LEDs installed-Extern
35. PCB installed in Enclosure
20. PCB Wiring 2
15. Capacitors-installed
6. Diodes-installed
2.Gristleizer PCB

August 2014: Adding Volume/Tone/Pickup(Passive)to the Studio Six String Guitar

Guitars2 copy

Modded Recording King RPH-05


- Drill holes for Tone & Volume controls, Pickup Mount & 1/4 inch Jack.

- Tone, Volume Controls and 1/4"Jack located equi-distance from both hands, for quicker access to the contols, while playing.


- Wiring Harness with Tone and Volume control Pots, Single Coil in-Hole Pickup, Jack, Knobs and other hardware..


Recording King "Dirty Thirties" RPH-05

February.2013: The Nova Drone Sound & Light Synthesizer: Sequencing patterns for Mixed Meter Applications in Dance.

Using the Nova Drone Sound and Light Synthesizer in live Music & Dance interactions where Complex Human Movement structures (Choreography) call for mixed meter applications, there is need for quick access to fixed rhythmic structures from the Nova Drone Synthesizer. Utilizing the Raspberry Pi and Scratch software for programming sequences, interfaced through the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi, a Relay and the Prototyping Board on the Nova Drone, allows for building of presets, further extensive explorations and control of the oscillators and filters of the Nova Drone Sound and Light Synthesizer. - Manjunan Gnanaratnam


The Nova Drone Sound and Light Synthesizer: Designed and built by Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics.

The Raspberry Pi and additional components: Adafruit Industries: Raspberry Pi, Starter Pack, Pi Dish, Volt Meters, USB Wireless adopter, Jumper wires, LED's


Software: Scratch- Install Scratch version from Cymplecy (includes Python Scratch handlers)

Communications: ZyXEL Portable USB powerd wireless router- For PWLAN [Performance Wirless Local Area Network] communications between all Components/Instruments/Computers through RDP, VNC, SSH, OSC & UDP during live performance.

May.2012: SHIFT @ NORTHERN SPARK. Choreographer Vanessa Voskuil. Design/Build of Sonic & Sensory Environment

Design based on research- Organic Processing Units & Electronic Processing Units: Physical Computing Methodologies & Multidisciplinary Identities in Modern/Post Modern Dance- Extending the Kinesthetic capabilities of the Moving Body through Technology enhanced Sensory environments.


Sept.2011: Wiring the Solar Power Generator to the Studio.

2.Solar Generator
1.Solar Generator
3.Generator Inlet2

- Solar Power Generator: (Solar Panel- 45 WPH of Sunlight, Battery- 130 Amp hours. Inverter- 1500 Watts continuous. 120VAC. Ground.)

- Add Power Inlet for Solar Power Input onto the side of the Deck (Box on the left & incoming Yellow Cable). Add a single gang Outlet for Outdoor Solar Power access (Black Cable and Box on the right), and Electrical Whip feed (Silver Cable) to the Basement.

- In the Basement, the Electrical Whip feed is wired to Internal Outlet box.

- 2 Gang Outlet box (For Solar Power to Studio, AA & AAA Battery Chargers and extra's)

- Complete wiring circuit is independent of Mains Grid and is grounded at the Solar Charger.

5.Basement Outlet
4.Basement Inlet

2006: STEEL- Performance Design.


- Structural Fluidity and Human Movement.

- Optimum Creative exchange in Dance and Music in live

- Water and Steel

-15 Hz to 25 kHz -Soundscape

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