Avant-Garde Musician, Technologist & Theorist, Manjunan Gnanaratnam work's as an Interdisciplinary Artist  within all contexts of Modern, Post Modern, Contemporary Concert and Experimental Dance.


With 13 evening length works, over 70 individual compositions and multiple experimental sessions for/with Dance/Choreographers now spanning 35+ years, he has been referenced in "Making Music for Modern Dance: Collaboration in the Formative Years of a New American Art", published in Movement Research's Critical Correspondence, presented papers at Conferences, including on his research for forthcoming book, "Modern Dance [Western Movement Vocabulary]: The catalyst for deviation and extension in Post Structural Sound, Choreoperiodicity, Optimum Creative Dialog and the Dunnist Period in Music"  and served on numerous panels on Dance and Music, which include  "100 years of Sound and Choreography: The Evolution and Praxis of a Collaborative Art Form" for the SPARK Festival of Electronic Music and Art, "Music and Dance" for the National Association of Schools of Dance [NASD] and many others.


His current practice includes explorations in "The Kinesthetic Body: Physical Computing Methodologies and Multidisciplinary identities in Dance", which are based on his initial work at the Computer Music Labs at the Department of Dance, State University of New York at Brockport in the early 90's while a Faculty Musician there, and "Redefining the Moved Space: A Comprehensive Analysis of Dance and Music" at The Barker Center for Dance, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in 2003/4 while a Composer/Staff Musician there, leading to outcomes on The Optimum Creative Dialog Phenomenon in Dance and Music during live interactions;  The Depth of Engagement Value during Dance and Music Interactions; The Contemporary Dance Instrument: The 21st Century Kinesthetic Body- A symbiosis of Organic Processing Units & Electronic Processing Units;  The development of The Open Source Dance Methodology;  The development of the APTAR process;  The Inner Workings of 21 Century Dance and Music- Beyond the Situational Constructs of 20th Century Collaborations etc etc


Only inspired by Complex Human Movement Structures, he is a product of the extensive multidisciplinary developments in Modern & Post Modern Dance in the 20th Century, and is now considered one of the foremost thinkers on the relationship between Western Music and Modern/Post Modern/Contemporary Concert Dance, and a pioneering South Asian Artist for this work, now spanning 35+ years.


Conceived, born and raised in Sri Lanka by Tamil parents, he arrived in New York in 1983 as a University student, and, having inadvertently participated in the global migratory pattern known as the "Third World Brain Drain",  he has now lived, worked and paid taxes(√) in the United States since then.  His Erdos number is 7639517.